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Fireplace Mesh Screen

Fireplace Replacement Screen Mesh, also known as black spark screen, black fireplace screen or fireplace mesh, is one of our major products for export. 

Product Details

Fireplace Mesh Screen

Fireplace Mesh Screen also known as black spark screen, black fireplace screen or fireplace mesh, is one of our major products for export. Black spark mesh for fireplace replacement screen is flexible due to its spiral knitting method, replaced easily with its rings and pulls. It can be flexible and decorative like curtains. With special surface treatment, our fireplace replacement screen mesh offers excellent heat-resistance and non-color fading property. Fireplace mesh is widely used in wood fireplace, electric fireplace and gas fireplace etc.

Keeping your home and loved ones safe is always the number one priority! Hanging mesh curtains can help you do just that! 

Fireplaces can emit sparks or burning debris from the mantle, which can cause damage or even start a fire. Installing mesh curtains over your fireplace can prevent this from happening. Mesh curtains are made of metal, mesh attached together and placed in front of the fireplace. This keeps sparks and embers in the fireplace and not in your home.

Mesh curtains are also great for keeping ashes in the fireplace. They definitely help keep the fireplace area clean!

Another important aspect of mesh curtains is that they keep your little people and fur babies away from the fireplace. The curtains are far enough away from the fire to help keep little hands and paws at a safe distance from the fire. 


All steel construction

Zinc phosphate undercoating provides maximum corrosion protection and paint adhesion

Powder-coated surface provides durability and heat resistance

Helps prevent sparks from damaging carpet or fireplaces

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my mesh curtains?

You can clean your mesh curtains with a damp cloth or use a special cleaner for fireplaces. We recommend not using everyday cleaners as they are flammable.

What are the mesh curtains made of?

Mesh curtains are made of metal to avoid heat damage and to function. You have a large selection of different finishes that will perfectly match your fireplace!