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China Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated metal mesh manufactures expanded metal panels for the ceilings of new structures and outdated buildings, making them look more modern and giving them a current, attractive look.

Due to its durability, expanded metal is the perfect choice for architectural elements. Whether closed or open building shells, internal or external shading or sight protection – whether as a standard grid or a solution according to individual client requirements, extended grids offer endless possibilities.

The advantages of expanded metal mesh

1. Openings allow free flow of light, heat, sound and air.

2. Various colors and openings.

3. Bright color, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, environmental protection.

4. Unlike woven wire mesh, it will not be loose when cut.

5. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

6. Easy to install, durable and low maintenance cost.

Product usage scenarios

Metal mesh cladding, ceiling Expanded mesh is widely used for exterior building cladding. Powder coated expanded metal ceilings are more commonly used for interior decorative ceilings.

Handrails and Railings We are experienced in designing metal mesh for handrails and railings. Most metal meshes are used, including expanded metal, perforated mesh, and woven wire mesh, with powder-coated surface metal mesh.

Safety Net Fences and Guards Both wire mesh and expanded metal mesh can be used for safety net fences or window guards. But when you prefer the strongest fence for prison or military protection, expanded metal fence will be the best choice.

Architectural Wire Mesh We will recommend Architectural Wire Mesh for structural design and architect projects. Architectural woven wire mesh is lightweight and can be installed quickly. Architectural wire mesh will bring a stylish and metallic look to structures and rooms.

Catwalk gratings, sidewalk mesh Metal gratings are typically used for heavy duty catwalk gratings with high load-carrying capacity. We export large quantities of hot-dip galvanized metal gratings, diamond holes and hexagonal holes with the best anti-slip surface safety gratings.

Ramps, Stairs, Trucks and Trailers Among perforated stair treads, non-slip perforated gratings and alligator perforated gratings are most commonly used in trucks and trailers. You can choose from extended metal ramps and grab bar grilles for the platform.

China Perforated Metal Mesh Manufacturer

It's time to end your search for a reputable perforated metal mesh manufacturer in China, because Run Bull is here to help. We have always dealt with high quality merchandise to meet every unique need and requirement of our prestigious clients. Yadong prides itself on adopting efficient production methods, which allows us to produce metal meshes that are more competitive in the international market. We have the experience required to identify each client's needs and different market gaps. Yadong has always been committed to making buyers' wishes come true and allowing them to get the full value of their hard-earned investments.

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