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Architectural and decorative wire mesh

Decorative wire mesh is a wire mesh product used for architectural and interior decoration. It can be made of various metals and is a new type of environmentally friendly decorative material.

There are various styles of construction mesh, such as metal curtains (fireplace mesh curtains, chainmail curtains, chain curtains, etc.), and woven meshes include panels, screens, sheets, grilles, etc.

Decorative mesh for hotels, restaurants and lobbies, adding modernity, art and elegance to architecture and interiors, also creating a comfortable environment.

Decorative metal mesh for outdoor use requires not only durability but also excellent corrosion resistance, especially in wet environments and near the sea. Decorative mesh used indoors is not only beautiful but also artistic. Therefore, the material of the decorative mesh is particularly important.

Other uses of decorative wire mesh

Over the past century, woven wire mesh has transformed from a basic manufacturing staple to a versatile material with limitless creative applications. In addition to cabinets, decorative mesh is used in innovative furniture designs, architectural finishes, room dividers, light fixtures, candle holders and fireplace screens – just to name a few.

Wire mesh for garden and landscaping

A trellis is a must-have for gardening and landscape lovers. The material is used to protect and promote plant growth in a variety of ways, including bell jars, vegetable cages, arches, trellis, gabion pot walls, and more. It is also the go-to solution for pest and rodent control.

Grids for construction, DIY projects, and more

Indoors or outdoors, decorative wire mesh is perfect for any home decor, craft, DIY or construction project. It can be used in all sorts of unexpected ways. DIYers use it for stair railings, custom light fixtures, partition walls, and more.

Run Bull offers decorative mesh in a variety of metals including brass, bronze, nickel and stainless steel.

Brass is a strong, heat-resistant copper-zinc alloy. It is available in solid (primary) or warm, dark antique finishes.

Bronze is a copper-tin alloy that is slightly stronger than brass and has a dark brownish-yellow color. You can buy a solid color or a red and black antique finish.

Nickel is a pure metal with a slightly dark gray hue. The unfinished material resembles chrome in appearance. It also has a darker tarnished finish.

Stainless steel is an iron-chromium alloy that provides excellent durability and rust resistance. It comes in a simple burnished finish or plated in a hand-rubbed black hue.

Run Bull is a leading supplier of wire mesh and decorative styles for other DIY projects. No matter how you plan to use these materials, our experienced team is here to help.

Working on a custom project? We offer a variety of services, such as laser cutting and measuring, that can help you get the job done right. 

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